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Status: OPEN

General Pricing:

Fully coloured commission:

  • Bust Up - 80Euro

  • Halfbody - 120Euro

  • Fullbody - 150Euro

+ 25% for detailed characters

+ 70% for additional character inthe same drawing

1x personal use

2x commercial fee (use of art on Twitch, youtube)

3x commercial fee + merchandising (use for selling my art on merch etc.)

This does NOT apply to the Live2D Model, commercial pricing is already included there!
Prices may change over time prior to opening for each category.
​Everything is paid beforehand through paypal.
Pls let me know beforehand if you don't want your commission to be posted on social media!


- Background will be white/onecoloured 

- My completed art is often VERY different from the inital sketch, I will only provide sketch to let you know the composition

- If your character has extra stuff he/she carries (backpack, stuffed toy, animals etc.) you might charge extra depending on the complexity

- depending on the complexity Commission will take 1-3 Months to finish!

- I only redraw a picture of real life people. With additional costs I will draw the background too ~



Check my Instagram for the most recent Artworks

Website may be inaccurate via mobile



If you are interested in my commission drop me a DM on Instagram/Twitter or email

me at with this order form:

Yenaiirus Commission Form

Pls read carefully through my ToS 

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